Monday, 8 August 2011


Finally I have got around to actually starting a blog about the things I make. I am passionate about yarns, threads, wool and anything else I can either knit or crochet with.
Right now, just like any crafter that uses yarns, I have several projects on the go, or WIP's as we like to call them and for those who have not yet stumbled upon this vital piece of terminology, this is a work in progress. Most of these WIP's will become something, even if it is not exactly what I thought they would be when I started making them, and others are destined to sit unloved in my work basket until I feel sorry for them and undo the carefully crafted stitches and reuse the yarn in another project.
This was last weeks passion, I have done several of these cuties, so useful for using up scraps of leftover yarns from previous projects. These are 8 x 9 squares wide/long, so are just big enough to snuggle under on the sofa while watching a movie and making more squares! My Granddaughter loves to snuggle up under a blanket like this and have a story read to her, or for us both to have blankets while she tells me a story, Pussy Boots (her version) was amazing!